David Crosby was asked if politics is the reason Ted Nugent hasn’t been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.


I don’t think Kate Mara and Jamie Bell meant to dress alike, but they probably noticed and didn’t want to change. Newlyweds.



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Where does one go from a lunch like this? Every other major event in life would be a complete letdown in comparison. Did Andrew and Jon text each other afterwards, like “Do you believe this happened?!” And how many times can “I was having lunch with Patti and Glenn” be dropped casually into conversation?



The best night of my life? Quite possibly.

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I love this SO much. I have a question, though. Can fellow nominees accept awards for absentee winners? Just thinking of recent award shows and usually it’s the presenter who accepts on the absent person’s behalf, unless the winner is deceased. Is that etiquette or a rule?



Are you a fan of James Woods’s work? I thought he was great in Casino, especially opposite Sharon Stone. On Twitter, I find him terrifying. And chillingly humourless. So yesterday when he posted about #liberals and statutes, Twitter took turns mocking him – see all the great ones here. Is he going to try to sue everyone now?




Kate Hudson’s hair is growing quickly and still looks really great. 


Spontaneous Sunday night ๐Ÿ’–

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