Both of these have Will Smith’s face transposed onto Halle Berry’s – the one Will posted is fine. He looks pretty. But the one Halle posted doesn’t do him any favours, which is interesting. Will Smith can’t pull off a pixie cut. 


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Is Annabelle Wallis still with Chris Pine? Because it looks like she’s been invited to Portugal for Madonna’s birthday – will he be joining her? If so, what will Chris Pine wear to Madonna’s birthday party?


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Per a new story on PEOPLE, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are slowing down their wedding planning because it was getting “intense,” which mirrors what TMZ (a solid JB source) reported – read more from Lainey here. So it won’t be a summer wedding. But considering how quickly they got engaged, do you see them (particularly him) being chill with a long engagement like Miley and Liam? They don’t seem to have that vibe. 


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According to Page Six, Gwyneth Paltrow was shopping in the Hamptons with Apple and forgot her credit card. Which left her “mortified,” even though she had Apple pay (not her daughter, the app). I’m sure the store would have taken an IOU. 


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Do you think Robert Pattinson has a secret Instagram account? Is he following Suki? She’s not one to put her boyfriends up on Instagram – I don’t think she ever posted about Diego Luna. And definitely not Bradley Cooper. 


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As Lainey has said, World War Brange is in the money stage, which is not good for either of them. PEOPLE brought in an expert to estimate how much the children cost and frankly, I think she underestimates it. She accounts for two full time nannies (I think they would need more for six kids) and doesn’t include private or home schooling, lessons (beyond language, there’s swimming, music, art etc.) and estate planning (trust and education funds). And when you start talking about these dollar amounts, they both come off looking like awful one percenters, and no one will have sympathy for any couple fighting over private plane costs. It’s an interesting turn, considering they have both donated millions of dollars to charity, both on their behalf and their children’s – for years, they were a beacon of celebrity philanthropy. Now they are arguing over a house loan. 

I really have nothing to say about this doodle of Leonardo DiCaprio wearing swim googles except that it is whimsical and delightful.