Just like us: Minnie Driver loves a celebrity airport sighting. 

Gary Janetti has been entertaining us with his satirical Prince George Instagram account for a very long time. He’s a seasoned TV writer, so how long until his parody turns into a TV show for real? Like The Crown, but with toddlers and a lot of Megan Markle jokes.


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There’ve been conflicting reports about Bella Hadid and The Weeknd’s relationship status but her blonde hair confirms it for me. It’s the “big breakup, big change” colour change.


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What film did Justin Bieber watch just for posting this - Drive, La La Land or First Man? Outside chance it was Crazy Stupid Love showing on weekend afternoon TV, but definitely not Blade Runner 2049. No one saw that. 


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I saw Get On Your Knees last week in New York and it is as incredible as everyone says it is. Jacqueline Novak is going to be a big star, and Netflix and HBO should be in a bidding war for this show right now. 


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OK so last week I mentioned that there was social media chatter about Debra Messing and Megan Mullally unfollowing one another on Instagram. Now the British tabloids have picked it up, with a lot of subsequent stories claiming their feud “killed” the Will & Grace reboot (which is in its last season). Maybe they aren’t loving each other right now but I highly doubt these two killed the series. They are way too professional to put hundreds of people out of work on a whim and no one is giving up a network series (and paycheque) unless the situation is intolerable. Unfollowing one another on Instagram is not that level of seriousness.


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“Did you miss me?” Measles, to a generation of children whose parents refuse vaccines. 


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Throwbacks need to take a break this week because there is no topping this. 


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