An update on Ana de Armas Updates! (To catch up on the deletion, click here. My theory on it being taken down because of pap photos was wrong.) In a statement, the owner of the account said they voluntarily deactivated in order to cool things down for a minute. Ana de Armas Updates is obviously meant to be playful and cheeky, but it also supports civil rights causes like Black Lives Matter and has pointed out Ana’s silence about “social causes that need attention.” Then there’s the tone of the captions: like all things on the Internet, some people get it and some people misconstrue the cheekiness and think it’s a reason to hate on Ana (and we know exactly where it goes when a woman is a target on social media), hate on Ben, or hate on @ArmasUpdates for not being sufficiently worshipful. Fandoms are as vicious and unforgiving as haters and there isn’t any room for nuance, which is why an account like this was so exciting. It broke the “yassssss queen” mold and represented the gossip angle, like loving the quarantine pap photos but slightly eye-rolling them, too. I hope this irreverence isn’t stamped out by social media. Ana de Armas Updates is one of us, long live @ArmasUpdates!


If you follow Selling Sunset, you know there’s been some chatter over who in the cast really sells real estate and who is just for show. Does it matter? They are single-handedly keeping the bandage dress industry alive.

If you follow any entertainment writer on social media, whenever they post a story there is always a “who cares?” comment underneath. Always. “Who cares about these people?!” is the go-to response and it doesn’t matter if it’s Brange or the Duggars, there is always someone waiting on the sidelines to jump out and say that. (Obviously they care enough to comment every single time.) PEOPLE is a celebrity-driven lifestyle magazine with heartwarming stories mixed in with horrifying true crime (they will post a story about decapitation next to a Food Network Star’s recipe for sliders). We are all familiar with this and if you read LaineyGossip, you know what PEOPLE is. And PEOPLE is where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris chose to do their first joint interview. This isn’t a coincidence and it isn’t pandering – a gossipy reader is an informed voter. 


Tracee Ellis Ross and Karla Welch had a socially distanced styling session and it’s better than most red carpets.

Dianna Argon and her husband Winston Marshall (he’s in Mumford & Sons) have split. According to US Weekly, it’s not a quarantine breakup as they’ve been living apart for a year. That’s important to note because the story also said she’s “dating,” which makes me think that that is the story. A new boyfriend she’s ready to debut. Maybe someone we know?


Thank you for your messages about Diplo in Jamaica for Madonna’s birthday. They’ve worked together and seem to be friends, which is hilarious. What do Madonna and Diplo talk about? Or rather, what does Madonna talk to him about? The most interesting person at the birthday is Lourdes Leone (flip to second slide to see her) who is 23 and has no use for fame (she could be at every party), doesn’t care to be a supermodel, isn’t an Instagram influencer and is enigmatic and cool as f-ck. I feel old just calling her cool. When her mother came up, exposing oneself (in photos, through music videos, in books and in a documentary) was ground-breaking and powerful; for Lola’s generation it’s the exact opposite - privacy is the currency and the way to hang onto power. She’s fascinating because she doesn’t live for an audience.