Have you heard of Cameo? It’s a service that allows people to book personalized celebrity shout-outs for a nominal fee. They have 1400 “celebrities” on their roster (I use this phrase loosely because on a quick scroll, I didn’t recognize 95% of the names, but I don’t think I’m the target age). I’ve now become obsessed with the rates for different people – Todrick Hall is $50, Bella Thorne is $95 and Jake Paul is $200, Kevin Federline is $50, Tom Felton is $100, Melora Hardin (Jan from The Office!) is $99, Tommy Lee is $250. The talent gets to set their own rate, which offers interesting insight into how much people think their time is worth. 


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Hillsong’s USA conference is happening this week at the Barclays Center – last night, the church’s New York pastor Carl Lentz was the keynote speaker (or is that prayer? I don’t know). In the past, Justin Bieber has attended the Hillsong conference but as we know, he and Carl might be fighting. So did JB and Hailey skip it? I’m looking for photos for them at the event and so far haven’t found any.

Somewhere in LA, a studio executive is pitching a four-part Crocodile Dundee reboot with Rob Lowe to a streaming service. (Also Rob’s son totally put him on blast, commenting “I just watched you put that knife in your belt for this photo.” Exposed on the ‘gram.)


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Jessica Simpson’s outfit is like the bottom of a Slurpee when all of the flavours, like cream soda and blue raspberry, have melted together to create a sugary sludge. What year did she get dressed in?


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At this year’s Essence festival, Janet Jackson wore custom Alexander Wang. I’m not a Janet historian, but I did a quick search and couldn’t find any fashion campaigns featuring Janet. This would be the perfect pairing. 


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It’s been four years since Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spearheaded the “no kids policy” media whirlwind, trying to name and shame publications to stop them from publishing photos of celebrity children, which they argued would lessen intrusion from the paps. Kristen Bell’s argument, and it’s not one that I don’t agree with, is that children should have autonomy over their image, and that includes social media. But when you put that theory into practice in the celebrity ecosystem, which includes famous parents who use children as part of their brand, their argument about who is responsible for the intrusion (the media and the paps) falls apart. And when you post photos of a child singing in her underwear, doesn’t that kind of really make the argument fall apart? Kristen may not show her daughter’s face, but this video will be saved forever, and one day she will grow up and be in the world and this video will be tied to her name (or at least her Google searches). It has over a million views and is being picked up by every media outlet, so it will travel much further than a pap photo of their child would. 


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