Maria is on holiday this week so I’m covering Smutty Social Media which means it’s going to be way less insightful, very high school, and maybe a little gross. You’ll see at the bottom of this post. 

Let me just…leave this here. The way he looks at her during that entire scene, OH MY GOD. 


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While Blake Lively continues to promote A Simple Favour, with several outfit changes daily, including one in neon (but clothes don’t matter, OK?), Ryan Reynolds is out here making Paul McCartney’s life. 


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How did you spend your Sunday? I went on a hike with my friend Darren and the dogs. And then it was home for some Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky time. “Are you gonna break my heart, Covey?” PLEASE. Don’t pretend that wasn’t a rewind and repeat for you. Anyway, Katie Holmes clearly wasn’t doing the same yesterday. 


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The MTV VMAs are happening tonight. It is still as much of an Event as it used to be? What photo from tonight will be remembered the way you remember this photo? Lenny Kravitz probably won’t be there. Looks like he’s busy making a piano. 


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Look who else was at Crazy Rich Asians this weekend. Star-Lord. And he really, really loved it. This is putting a lump in my throat. So many celebrities were caping for CRA this weekend. 

Like Jessica Chastain: 

And Olivia Munn:

As you know, Marky Mark’s Mile 22 under-performed at the box office this weekend. BUT YOU CAN’T HOLD HIM BACK! He’s in the cold ass water at 6am, doing the “God’s Cryo”. And he’s such a f-cking badass, even the “shahks” can’t keep him away. Was that a reference to The Meg? Because it was The Meg AND the Asians that iced his movie. 


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OK so this isn’t celebrity related but it’s definitely smutty. Here’s what I sent to all my friends this morning at 730am, after Caitlin Green at CHUM 104.5 showed it to me. When I shared it with Duana and Lorella on our thread, Lorella was pissed because it was too early in the day for this kind of f-cksh-t. Duana blew right by it. Because she didn’t look at it closely enough. We gave it a beat. And then, reliably, she came back. 

“Sorry. Sorry.” Those were her first words. And then… “That was a FOOT?” Indeed. I am still laughing. I think I’ll be laughing myself to sleep tonight over this. Enjoy! No. That was a lie. You will not enjoy. Or you will, but it will be a different kind of enjoy.