Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are finally being sentenced for the college admissions scandal. This story was a punchline for months but interest has definitely waned, right? With everything going on, I don’t know if they are worth much more than a scan.


James Charles (if that name doesn’t ring a bell, Prem explained the YouTuber stuff for those of us whose knees crack when we walk up stairs) shaded Lauren Conrad about her makeup line, then took it back. Apparently he did the same thing a few weeks ago to Alicia Keys because she doesn’t wear makeup (he has it wrong about the details: Alicia is doing a lifestyle and beauty line and there was no specific mention of makeup in the announcement). Look, he’s 21 and Internet famous and that comes with a whole lot of ego and little motivation to exercise self-control (the more he f-cks up, the more attention he gets). He can also spout his opinion to millions of people at any time of the day or night, which isn’t advisable at any age. Let’s give him some patience because this expectation for young celebrities to be wise and in control all of the time is unrealistic. At that age, they can’t see that they are on a rollercoaster that’s climbing, hovering near the top. We know what happens next but they never see the drop coming.

A few weeks back, film critic Jamie Graham tweeted out a list of directors Tom Cruise has worked with and asked, “Which director would you now like to see him work with?” There are hundreds of answers (like Nolan and Tarantino). Yes fine great – I want to see Tom Cruise in a Nancy Meyers movie. Would he be the caddish ex or the earnest love interest? He could go either way.


Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid’s goats get their close up.

When mommy blogging was at its peak, disguising food became popular. There’s the health element (like spinach brownies) as well as an aesthetic element (making a sandwich into a butterfly or arranging carrots and humous into a model scale of the Eifel Tower). This might be specific to my ecosystem, but those kind of displays are dated almost to the point of tackiness, like the wedge sneakers we all used to be obsessed with and now languish embarrassingly in the back of the closet. Jimmy Fallon tried to make Elsa pancakes and they are objectively terrible. How is this more appetizing than just a fluffy stack of pancakes with butter and syrup?


This morning Cody wrote about Megan Thee Stallion and Jojo has taken Troy Lanez off her song and let everyone know it, very clearly.

Jennifer Aniston got worked by Courteney Cox.