The viral Instagram hoax continues, but there has been one winner. A reader called Kari wrote in about John Mayer and I have to agree that he is very good at this. And I miss him on Twitter. 


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I also continue to be fascinated by Diplo. What if we are moving from hot girl summer to f-ckboi fall. (Not you, Jared Leto.)


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Taylor Swift sent a message to her fans on GMA,  and this is Scooter’s way of responding, without responding. 


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With his newly public relationships, it seems like Jeff Bezos has been spending more time with celebrities. Do you think he has finally answered Gwyneth’s email?  And this has been bugging me all week: The caption for this photo should obviously be, “In the prime of our lives.” I feel like Derek Blasberg ghost-wrote this one.  


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Eric Stonestreet gets the “I really like this photo but my ex is in it” treatment by Sofia Vergara.  


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The “Megan wasn’t in the scene” caption is necessary because of the rumours, but has also made me more certain sh-t is going down. It’s not “missing Megan” or something along those lines, it’s more of a “she wasn’t there so stop f-cking asking me in the comments” tone. 


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The look he gives the camera at the 13 second mark gets me every single time. (And I’ve watched this many times.)


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