Daily Mail has new photos of Selena Gomez leaving Nobu, with the headline editorializing that she looks “simply smitten.” Now we know DM is full of f-ckery with their headlines and photo captions (celebrities are always “flaunting” body parts or putting on a “leggy display”) and Selena does look chipper but I wouldn’t call this smitten. She just looks like a person who had lunch with a friend. And she took a doggy bag! That’s what I want to know – what did she pack up to take home. 


Lainey wrote about the Bennifer wedding reboot guest list this morning and you know what I’m thinking: where is Leah Remini? They have been friends for a very long time and it’s glaring, at least to me. Jennifer Lopez is not someone who surrounds herself with celebrity friends and her inner circle is tight. What could it be? It’s probably not Scientology related as Jennifer has stuck with her throughout that. And it’s not Ben, as Leah was the first person to throw up photos of them on Instagram (obviously sanctioned). I’m truly puzzled. Leah is really active on Instagram and has avoided posting all weekend. Coincidence or conspiracy?


This was not the only wedding this weekend, there are a couple of others I want to talk about. First up is Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal (yes, Jon Bernthal’s brother). They were married in Wyoming and have released a single photo. As Lainey pointed out earlier, Casey was not at Ben and Jen’s wedding but did post about it. Was Jon at his brother’s wedding? It’s kind of hard to tell so I sleuthed Jon Bernthal’s Instagram, which is very normal, for lack of a better word. It does not look like a “team” handles it. He has not posted about the wedding or liked his brother’s post, but Page Six is reporting he was there and security was very tight, including secret service, for the mega-rich and important guest list. As for getting married in Wyoming, how does it work when the person getting married is a billionaire? Like they pay for your flight and accommodations, right? If someone is worth $1.5 billion I’m not picking up the tab on an Airbnb for their wedding weekend.


And finally – finally! – Sarah Hyland and Wells Adam got married in front of friends and family. They waited until they could have the wedding they wanted and haven’t released photos yet (my guess is it will be PEOPLE magazine exclusive). I think they are super cute together. Some of the Modern Family cast made it out but a few are missing: Rico Rodriguez, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet. The show ended a few years ago, so it makes sense that not every single person would make the guest list. 

“No one’s fun anymore! Whatever happened to fun?!”