Since I’ve been subbing in for Maria this week while she’s on holiday, I should probably include some Beckham content. Victoria, however, hasn’t posted on her IG feed in almost a week. She has, however, been baking and sharing the shots on Stories. I’m not big on meringue. Does sugar-free make it any better? 



Meanwhile, Romeo Beckham is taking questions on IG Live. You can read his responses here. So much for David supposedly being pissed at Victoria for putting their kids all over her social media. They WANT to be on social media. 


Speaking of David, he’s coming out with a fragrance. It’s called “Respect”. Interesting choice of words. 


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He’s also getting an award. The ceremony is later this month. Will the whole family go with him? 


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It’s throwback Thursday. Mandy Moore just reminded me she was in The Princess Diaries. I do not have that movie memorised the way I probably should. Also this denim suit doesn’t look that bad? 


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Cindy Crawford is throwing it back to one of thousands and thousands of photos she’s probably taken on the beach. 


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Holy sh-t, Marsai Martin is SO GROWN! For Diane, getting taller, hopefully, means getting meaner. Also it looks like Bow is back in scrubs. 


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Chrissy Teigen, like all of us, is getting tripped up on parts of speech. The placement of a “the” can change everything. And the omission of a “the” can mean death! 

Is it just me or does Pete Davidson look like a Malfoy in this photo? Pete is Gryffindor. Ariana Grande is Slytherin. She’s bringing him over to the best house. 


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Janet Jackson was on the subway for the first time. Can you imagine riding the subway and…Janet is on your train!? Also I always get scared right before I swipe through the turnstile. No matter the city, it is the worst when yours doesn’t work. 


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