Nicole Richie and Sofia Richie are 16 years apart in age and in the last few years they’ve seemed estranged (at least publicly) – Nicole doesn’t follow Sofia on Instagram and at a heavily photographed event for their dad Lionel in 2018, they sat as far apart as possible and didn’t interact on camera. Things seem to have improved lately as Nicole was there to celebrate Sofia’s 22nd birthday. You know who was not there? The boyfriend. (The ex-boyfriend?) Nicole is a pioneer of reality TV fame and well aware of the shenanigans required to keep the headlines going and she turned her back on that life long ago. Sofia, at 22, is just getting started and she’s entangled with the most infamous family in the pop culture game. I imagine it would be hard to watch your much younger sister go through it knowing that it almost never ends well. Sofia Richie is a side character in their vast world. Nicole is one of the few people for whom it ended well because she exited out on her own terms, rather than being written out of someone else’s storyline. 


Do you follow the Deux Moi Instagram account? It’s private but has 187k followers (as of today). It’s a crowd-sourced hub of stories about mundane celebrity interactions (like seeing Bradley Cooper in Starbucks or Lauren Graham in an elevator). For those of us old enough to remember, it’s similar to Gawker Stalker. The account will post “candids” (cell phone photos) of celebs eating or walking through the park. Again, that’s very 2009. And the tone of the account reminds of Gawker, too. It’s irreverent. It’s not pandering to a fanbase. It’s not about massaging celebrity ego. But I am very mixed on the posts: will you have a bad interaction if you ask for a celebrity’s autograph while they are having dinner with their family? Yes! It’s incredibly rude to approach someone for an autograph or selfie while they are eating, full stop. Do famous people have to be sweet as pie every single moment of the day? No, that’s completely unfair and unrealistic. There’s also a chance of fake stories being sent in. But on the flip side, there’s some good dish on the small things; the gossip is in the details. The writers are funny, too. I love a celebrity nickname and they’ve christened Leo “Headphones Dino Bones.” If you know, you know. Read an interview with the person behind the account over at Paper and decide for yourself if it’s legit enough to follow. And since Deux Moi is private, here’s a photo of Julianne Moore. I did say that no celebrity is perfect but judging by the posts about her, she is pretty darn close.


JLo Beauty coming soon?! She’s been talking about it since 2018 but skincare takes forever to develop and test. It must be close to launch. 

Last week I wrote about Lourdes Leon and how discerning she is about her work – she doesn’t model for anyone or appear just anywhere. But she’s shown up for Stella McCartney before (in 2016) and is doing it again for adidas by Stella McCartney campaign. Family ties run deep there. 


Tom Cruise doesn’t update his Instagram account a lot so I have no reason to post these pictures of him flying off a motorcycle (typical Monday) but I want to anyway. It’s not Mars but it will have to do for now.

A lovers’ quarrel in a bookshop can be resolved with a single teardrop from the cheek of Julia Roberts.