Another day, another Vouge cover: Cardi B. for Vogue Mexico. Love the drama and the volume (though don’t understand why the art director went with a grey background). Cardi would be so fun to style because she loves fashion and she loves to play, so you can really put her in any look. The clothes never wear her.


A real “how do you like them apples” week for Kathy Griffin.


Lizzo’s legal team announced that they plan to sue the dancers accusing her of misconduct. “Plans to sue” are not the same as suing. Many celebrities have “planned to sue” and then the lawsuit doesn’t materialize (this is especially common for celebs who have been accused of cheating). I’m no lawyer but if you had a case, what is the benefit of announcing the intent to sue? Why not just file? The attorney for the plaintiffs called the “plan to sue” chilling, malicious, an attempt at intimidation and a scare tactic (read the full quote here). If the “plan to sue” was really a “plan to intimidate", it doesn’t seem to be working. 


New photos of JLo and nothing scandalous here but a little fashion mystery: she tagged ALC which is not a brand I associate with her. She has an established relationship with Coach and works with Ralph Lauren but she tagged ALC here. I wonder if something is coming?


Matt Belloni appeared on Shirley Halperin’s podcast to talk about the Scooter Braun mess and dropped a new story in Puck News today (which I have not read yet but I am linking to because I think he’s been a solid source of information). I don’t think Demi Lovato or Idina Menzel or even Ariana Grande leaving is a big deal (Ariana more than others for sure, but she has left him before and is going through a lot personally). Also, many A-list artists have their own manager, they don’t share a manager with multiple people. There’s a lot of emotional and physical hand-holding required and one person can’t be everywhere. 

But as the cliché goes, “It’s not the crime it’s the cover up.” That’s true in gossip as well. The way Scooter has gone about burying the story has been aggressive and strange. If he is closing up shop as manager to move into a CEO role, why not just say so? It would be seen as a boss move and copacetic with his clients.