How many bikinis has Emily Ratajkowski worn this summer? 50? 100? 1000? I need an intrepid journalist from The Cut to answer this hard-hitting question.


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Do you have art work in your room? I do. It’s a piece done in chalk, an outline of a woman’s form. Olivia Wilde also had some artwork in her bedroom (I think this is an old photo). Look closely above her bed. 


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I inexplicably binge-watched Very Cavallari this weekend. It is awful. She is a terrible boss (reactionary, uncommunicative, unprofessional, totally inappropriate in her language and expectations). And why does Jay Cutler look completely different in every scene? It’s like he’s always wearing a fake moustache or something. But I have to say, it quite an accurate representation of my experience of working in lifestyle. Crying over a broken link in a newsletter? I’ve been there. 

It’s kind of hard to look like a badass in a safety harness. 


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I don’t know about you guys but Mr. Belding has always given me the no feeling. 


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Season 2 of Ozark drops this week. I really liked the first season, probably more than most, and I will watch the second. Laura Linney is, as usual, spectacular. But I’m not sure I’m mentally ready to listen to a Jason Bateman interview. You know, after last time. (Dax Shepard is not playing with his devotion to overalls.)


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People are going to freak out about Noah Cyrus’s boyfriend Lil Xan buying Billy Ray a bong for his birthday, but you know what I find much more disturbing than that? Lil Xan calls Billy Ray “dad.” Noah and Xan (this is a nightmare for my spellcheck) have only been dating a few months. That seems like a big boundary to cross, no?

Lainey checked in on the Beckhams for me while I was away, which I appreciate. They have spent the better part of the last month together as a family. Harper got a haircut! A very smart bob. Look how it frames her cute little face. (And to reiterate a point Lainey has made, probably the dumbest part of the Beckham watch is the rumour about him not liking the kids on social media. PLEASE.)


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