Jamie Foxx and Olivia Munn are best friends? So does that mean she’s met Katie Holmes – has she hung out with them?

I hosted the fight on Saturday night at my house. The highlight, for me, was the jalapeno poppers with cream cheese and a side of red pepper jelly that my husband made. But I can appreciate how EXTRA everything is in that arena. Demi Lovato was (appropriately) EXTRA. JLO was extra – her makeup a little heavier, her hair a little tighter. And she carried a fur. In Las Vegas. In August. Never doubt this woman’s commitment.


Fight fashion...πŸ₯Š

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And more about Demi: she was the absolute best choice to sing the anthem because not many popstars could work that crowd. Imagine Bieber, or Ed Sheeran, or Selena or Fifth Harmony, center ring. I don’t think it would work.

Leo was there with his boys, of course. Lukas Haas and Kevin Connelly were posting Instagram stories and photos from the concourse, the Strip and then the airport (as they were boarding a private jet). Leo wasn’t in any of them – no star on his face this time. (All the videos expired or were deleted by the time my dumbass went to grab them.) But it made me wonder – does the Wolf Pack pre-game away from their Alpha? Was he holed away in a VIP area with Tobey while the less-recognized guys (like Kevin and Lukas) headed out to get the vibe of the fight? Because part of an experience like that is soaking up the energy of the people, which is kind of hard to do in a backroom, even if it is exclusive.

Lainey has made me a lot more interested in Erin Foster’s Instagram. (Her Instagram has caught our attention before – never forget this.) Here is a bit of a deep dive: she’s pictured here with purse designer Nikki Erwin who is (or was) dating Wolf Pack member Chuck Pacheco. This led me to a classic piece in The New Yorker from Naomi Fry – New “Wolf Pack” Candidates. John is a top contender!


Is this what Vegas pool parties are like?

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Last week of tour. Anything goes. Future "before" photo by @daniel.

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Seth Rogen just made her naughty list or whatever.

The VMAs were a mess, but this Fifth Harmony performance, in which a 5th member (clearly supposed to be Camila Cabello) fell off the stage was the good kind of messy.

Um, Kesha didn’t have a seat at the VMAs? I guess being low-budget and disorganized is their thing. But remember when Sylvester Stallone got into boysh-t with Casey Affleck and Matt Damon? Hahahahahaha.