Drake is in Vancouver and was spotted at Cactus Club and if you know Drake and you know Cactus Club, this makes all kinds of sense!!! I would love to go to Cactus Club with Drake and listen to him talk about why he can’t find love while we drink a round of Frosés. 


Do you think he’d split a Szechuan chicken lettuce wrap appetizer? 

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert got married in the forest and the pictures are very pretty. For the gossip in us, it looks like Brooks Laich (Julianne Hough’s ex-husband) is in the wedding party as was Julianne. They were not partnered together but clearly things must be pretty chill between them. 


Another sign? Many of Julianne’s friends still follow him on Instagram. In terms of etiquette, how does this work with dates – does Brooks bring his gf? (He appears to be seriously dating someone.) And if you are the gf, do you even want to go if your boyfriend is in the wedding party and occupied by that all day? This requires some maturity. 


Scooter Braun trying to do the “nothing to see here” Instagram posts and it’s not working. 


Lainey has been posting about ‘NSYNC nostalgia and while I agree Justin needs it (like, real bad) I have a very controversial opinion on JC Chasez. Yes, he was the stronger singer but that’s not what makes a pop star. JT had the Britney effect (impossible to match) and that gave him the network – he was able to hook up with songwriters and producers that pushed him to the next level. Pop stars are not about the best voice and fame is not a meritocracy. There’s an alchemy to it and JT had the elements. Maddening but true!


Onto another pop star who hasn’t had a hit in a minute: Katy Perry. She was unstoppable for a while and maintaining that kind of radio dominance is nearly impossible. A flower can’t always be in bloom, right? Teenage Dream is 13 and honestly, still a pop. I won’t skip it if it comes up on shuffle. 

Celebs are really going hard for Lauren Sanchez. Huh. Top comment award goes to “Maybe her boyfriend can just pay taxes.” 


Some people have theorized that Claudia Schiffer was snubbed from The Super Models and I don’t think so. We have to watch and see but I think she chooses to remain out of sight. She could still be doing campaigns if she wanted to.