How do you feel about vow renewals? On the one hand, I think it’s kind of bad luck – a peak before a valley, you know? Or a temporary Band-Aid. But on the other hand, I think people do them for a lot of different reasons. Maybe the marriage has been through rough times, or there’s been a health scare. Or maybe, years later, there’s more money to have the dream party the couple wanted but couldn’t afford when they got married. (Lainey: or maybe, um, you don’t like your wedding dress anymore and want to get a new one for your 20th anniversary. That would be me.) I don’t know because I’ve never been to a vow renewal (probably because of my skepticism, noted above). But here’s another question – would you like a surprise vow renewal? I, like Salma, would prefer to pick my own outfit.


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The Timberlakes, like the Beckhams, have been traveling all summer. And it’s come at an interesting time for Jessica Biel – she got a lot of shine for doing The Sinner (which is going into its second season, she is a producer but will no longer star), but has had to close Au Fudge as a restaurant. He has Man of the Woods which, well, we know how that has gone. It seems like their careers are slowly taking on different trajectories. 


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I don’t live in a city that gets super cold so maybe that’s why I disagree with Ice T on this – give me cold over hot outside any day.

Are those flowers from Niall Horan? Are they still together? Why doesn’t anyone stan them?


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The Big Bang Theory is ending (kind of abruptly) because Jim Parsons is done and Chuck Lorre doesn’t want to go on without the entire cast intact. And it’s interesting how the story unfolded because as a cast, they have been pretty loyal – they negotiated together, like the Friends cast. And the original cast took a pay cut to give two of their co-stars pay parity. But it seems like Jim’s announcement surprised everyone


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OK I think I get it now – Rita Ora wants to be Gwen Stefani (minus the bangers). 


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