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The Jeremy Renner app is making the rounds again on social media, mostly because it’s completely bonkers. Is this the real Jeremy Renner sticking up for Casey Anthony (the f-ck?!?!)? No, obviously not. But I guess users figured out how to create fake avatars and they are all creating Jeremy Renner. (A little on the nose, Rennerinos.) There’s part two to this below, but if you don’t know about the app, read Kate Knibbs’ 2017 piece in The Ringer

So I did a quick search on Twitter and Jeremy Renner has become a running joke. What, at this point, is the benefit of continuing with the app? He was in one of the highest grossing movies of all time and between this and the Jeep commercials and Heaven Don’t Have a Name (it does have a name – heaven is its name), Jeremy Renner is not having a hot girl summer. 




Kacey Musgraves went to a one-hour photo place in Koreatown in LA and saw it was struggling, so she created an Instagram account for the business and is going to single-handedly bring back wallet-size photo prints. 





Speaking of photos, this is an A-list movie star and a superstar designer and this is the best photo she could pull? It looks like she used her phone to take a picture on her computer, and then printed it and took a picture of it to post on Instagram. I find it very hard to believe that Tom Ford, a perfectionist, would approve of this image. 


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Liam Hemsworth had to go back go Instagram because he has a new movie coming out that no one has heard of and he doesn’t have Miley Cyrus to help him promote it. His last big theatrical release was Isn’t It Romantic, and Miley showed up at the premiere for him because he was feeling under the weather. In the last story I read about him in US Weekly, sources said that he filed for divorce so quickly because his family is conservative. There have also been reports that he hated the attention that came with their relationship. OK, but Liam is actively trying to be a movie star, and the foundation of that is getting attention. That’s what being a star is. Lots and lots of attention. So maybe her success isn’t actually the problem. 


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I’m extremely into Hailey Bieber as Lady Di. What a shoot. The bike shorts and sweatshirt! The way she is holding her keys. The upper crust slouch. It’s not that Hailey is necessarily identical to Diana, but the body language and the mannerisms, the intimacy and vulnerability of the angles, makes the reference instantly recognizable. 


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