As Lainey wrote in early July, Kate Hudson had a working holiday in Greece with her family and a month later, she’s still in Europe (more specifically, Italy). In the comments, her friends (like Jennifer Meyer and Chelsea Handler) teased her about being away for so long and she replied, “well, not ending anytime soon….” With children and work and COVID, this isn’t a spur-of-the-moment trip. This was planned to be long and luxurious. I would guess that the top consideration when it came to deciding a return date is Ryder and Bing’s school schedule, because you have to get them back in time to get over the jet lag and organize all their school stuff. That is if her kids are going back to in-person lessons this year – I think that’s still a big question for some parents.  


As Kate left Greece, Charlize Theron pulled up in a yacht – she and her daughters jumped off the side of the boat and you can practically feel Charlize’s mom grip through the screen. 

Ariana Grande and John Legend both wrote encouraging posts about vaccination and I understand and applaud their intent, I really do, but it’s also so frustrating that they have to do this. 


Social media posts can help with messaging (after all, celebrities are the ones who brought anti-vaxx sentiment mainstream, JENNY MCCARTHY) but there isn’t just one kind of celebrity. Housewives often fall into the “rich and uninformed” category when it comes to things like this and they have a massive platform (plus dozens of fan blogs that pick up their every move), so I really think one of them speaking on vaccines is as influential as John Legend talking about it. Teddi Mellencamp (John Mellencamp’s daughter) will go down in history as one of the most boring and disliked Housewives of the series and she runs an “accountability” program that is all about severe calorie restriction, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her advocate for getting the jab. Both she and her husband recently had COVID – she was vaccinated, he was not. 


Since I mentioned her name, let’s talk about Jenny McCarthy’s workplace a bit. The Masked Singer had a reported outbreak last week, despite protocols (like requiring audience members to provide a negative test and proof of vaccination). Like many Fox employees, in order to return to set, Jenny likely had her vaccine, but I can’t find if she’s posted about it anywhere. If you’ve seen something, please send it my way. Per Variety, panelist Ken Jeong (who is a doctor) has “in particular kept an eye on how the show handled safety.” His feed is mostly COVID information. 


The “And Just Like That…” pap photos continue, with Carrie and Big out on the street. Many people think it’s a funeral scene but what the f-ck, we all know Carrie is the worst, but would she wear a bird on her head to someone else’s funeral? It’s obnoxious so, yeah, maybe. There are now several Instagram accounts dedicated to breaking down their outfits and there was a slight uproar when one erroneously tagged one of Carrie’s dresses as Forever 21 (it was a mistake, it’s vintage). But who cares if it was Forever 21? The best dresses always mix high and low.