Yesterday I mentioned that there might be Philanthropy Sh-t over a deleted comment on Drake’s Instagram. Turns out, it was not Drake who posted it, but someone on his page. So no shade here, towards Kendrick or anyone. False Boy Sh-t alarm. (Thanks Dee!)



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Did you know Spencer Pratt is a Snapchat star? He’s used the medium to reinvigorate his career and was recently profiled by Naomi Fry (who I love) in The New Yorker. In a new interview, he talked the business side of having a baby. They nixed a few names because of unavailable social media handles and he’s annoyed that Lauren Conrad’s PEOPLE cover will drive down the cost of their baby photos. Tacky as f-ck? Of course. But don’t think these conversations don’t happen all the time among celebrities looking to get a 6 or 7 figure payout and a future children’s clothing line.


thanks mom @janetlpratt for the hat

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On a whim, I looked up Greta Caruso’s Instagram to search for a sign of Jake G. All I could find was a Southpaw poster from 2015. A bit anticlimactic.


Opposite hair, same last name. Happy Father's Day, Pop.

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Karlie Kloss was with Victoria’s Secret for four years, two as an official Angel. They parted ways in 2015. She’s going back the upcoming show in Shanghai. Karlie is about branding and business, so I’m very curious about the motivation behind her return. (Lainey: get that Chinese money.)


See you in Shanghai @VictoriasSecret 😇💗

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Yesterday, Joanna sent me this screenshot from one of Lena Dunham’s Instagram stories. In an early 2017 Stern interview, Lena said she was not into the group hang, which explains her absence from the Fourth of July festivities from 2015 on. Did you know that was the first year to use squad as a hashtag and feature mostly models? This detailed history shows the evolution of the party: 2013 was backup dancers, 2014 was actresses (like Emma Stone!), and 2015 onward is how we’ve come to know it – waterslides and onesies. Will we one day be reading an oral history of Taymerica?

I have a pair of prescription sunglasses, I just bought them. They were expensive but I really like them because I have super-sensitive eyes and it’s nice to be able to go for a walk without putting contacts on. If they were lost or stolen, I’d be upset. But not “wish someone a horrible death” upset.

Yes Benji’s effusive post is rare, but I really want to know why she and Gwyneth are wearing bibs.