Martha Stewart celebrated her birthday in Maine over the weekend with lobster and orange creamsicle cake and some people are pissed she’s traveling because she already lives on an estate. Do you think this kind of online criticism gets to Martha? I don’t think she gives a solitary f-ck about what commoners think of her birthday weekend.


In a tale of two domestic titans, Ina Garten is making a point to say she is NOT having dinner parties. Shade? I believe so.

There have been so many quarantine divorces so let’s switch it up – a quarantine reconciliation. 


I don’t want to give away what happens in the second video. It’s part of the journey. 

Dolittle is the number one movie in China? What year is this?! I wonder why Robert Downey Jr didn’t acknowledge it on Instagram. But here he is talking to Gwyneth Paltrow about voting. 


And what about Ellen? A few avenues to unpack here. Katy Perry posted a tweet defending her and I think Katy, having gone up against Swifties, is sympathetic to her. Portia de Rossi defended her wife with a hashtag #stopbotattacks (which I will get to in a minute). And Busy Philipps doesn’t seem too warm and fuzzy about the whole thing? She’s a former talk show host and this makes me wonder what she knows but isn’t publicly saying. Ellen reportedly feels betrayed and is ready to quit. This would not be surprising as she’s talked about retirement for a long time, back to this 2018 NYT profile “Ellen DeGeneres is Not As Nice As You Think.” In that piece, Portia seemed completely over the show and wanted Ellen to end it. About those bots though: I don’t even want to write it out because these people are headcases and kind of scary, but basically you’ll see the same pizza emoji over and over in the comments, which is a symbol of child sex trafficking, along with them screaming about this all being a ruse for Ellen’s arrest and incarceration. Portia is not wrong and they are a combination of bots and trolls that have no ties or bearing on the legitimate story being told by her staffers. This is just another case of two things being true: the show’s workplace culture is being investigated, but Ellen was never on Epstein’s plane.