Yellowstone is getting a prequel called 1883, built around the wild west/ranching storyline. It will star Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (and Sam Elliott!). I don’t know if I can think of any other husband/wife starring in a TV show together right now? (Not including reality TV and HGTV.) They will play husband and wife. 


Like many movies it seems like Bruised was made forever ago (in the “before” times) but it is finally coming out, Halle Berry’s directorial debut. Obviously an incredibly important milestone in her career and selfishly I hope Netflix throws a party because I want to see what she pulls out for this occasion. 


If you flip to the second photo, those do not look like swans to me. And Maude Apatow got too close – do not f-ck with a Canada goose! The ones we have here will hiss at you. I cross the street if I see one. 

In “these two are at it again” news, Kristen Bell said she and Dax Shepherd wait until their kids stink before telling them to bathe, adding to the story that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher don’t bathe their kids until they are physically dirty. Whoopi face: “OK.” (Also, why is it the celebrity parents most concerned about privacy tell the most detailed anecdotes about their kids? Who was asking for their bath schedule?)


Iggy Azalea is taking an extended break from music to work on other projects, which sounds like a good idea. Her music career has stagnated a bit (not a knock on her, but it is the nature of the industry). She’s already been a judge on The X Factor Australia, which is a great bridge for pop musicians who aren’t super in-demand because these shows film all over the world – you get to live in another city for a few months, it’s usually a pretty calm gig and you get paid well. There’s no downside. 


Yesterday Lainey wrote about Jennifer Aniston and her pro-science stance, the quote being that she’s cut people out that she used to see “weekly.” That has me thinking these are not friends and if I had to guess, it would be the people who intersect between wellness/fitness/beauty, like yoga instructors or spray tan estheticians or facialists or the person who does her eyebrow tinting (they all tint their eyebrows!).