With all due respect to a team of professionals working hard to get our favourite obsession together for a new season, what the F-CK is going on with Succession? We have a teaser, but there’s also casting news. How are they still casting the current season? I’m so confused. (The second shot is from Patrick Wilson’s Instagram because he is married to Dagmara Domińczyk, who plays the perpetually-stressed Carolina. Does Carolina make it through the Roy civil war?)


There’s been some stuff about James Gunn and Martin Scorsese (one-sided, because there is no way Marty is even aware of what is going on on Twitter) but I bring this up for a different reason: did you know James Gunn was married to Jenna Fischer from The Office? I just found this out last week and come on – we did not know this, right? For some reason it really blew my mind for a second. 


Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer are set to get married this weekend, with Page Six reporting that the guest list has been cut for obvious reasons. I don’t know much about Grace but Mark loves clothes so he is probably putting as much time into his suit as she is putting into her dress. Do you think they will release photos? Up until now, they’ve avoided going “Instagram official” (she doesn’t have a public account, he hasn’t posted about her) so not sure if a wedding will change that. 

Cameron Diaz went to the liquor store (or grocery store? Where I live there are separate stores for booze but I know California is different) to sign her wine bottles. If you flip to the fourth short video, you can clearly see the green ballet flats she’s wearing. This is a discussion: ballet flats. Love them or hate them? They used to be a must-have piece. And are they coming back?


Brooklyn Decker thinks she can’t pull off the bike shorts look but she absolutely can (I like these on everyone!) – flip to the second shot of Hailey Bieber she used for inspiration. My only quibble is the white shirt/black pants combo. This isn’t about her, but Kanye West. In a GQ interview in around 2014, he said, "Most clothes are black or white. But I don't like all that contrast. It looks either too work, too waiter, or too wedding-y to me. If that's even a word, wedding-y. Anyway, that's why I like tonal. There's less contrast; it's more casual." I don’t know why, but this has stuck with me for years and I rarely wear black and white together (unless it’s dark on top and light on the bottom) because “wedding-y” is in my head.


This Vulture piece by Alison Willmore is on my reading list for today: why doesn’t The Rock get down on the big screen? On his TV show Ballers (aka Sports Entourage), he f-cks. I think he even showed his butt once. But he’s pretty sex-neutral in movies. I have some theories so I’m going into this piece already interested.