Did you know Jeremy Renner and Harold Perrineau are best friends? They’ve been in a few things together, but I had no idea they were tight. I wonder if Jeremy Renner understands the ending of Lost. I still don’t get it.


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is heading into its final season – and yes, Greg is coming back. But a new version of Greg, played by Skylar Astin (the original actor, Santino Fontana, is busy on Broadway). Instead of ignoring the change, it will apparently be part of the storyline – Greg is different because Rebecca’s perspective has changed. It’s such a huge risk and I’m very into the idea. 


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Jenna Dewan has covered three magazines recently: Women’s Health, ELLE Australia and Women’s Health Australia. The post-Channing rise is in full swing - single, healthy and hot. It’s similar to the narrative Jennifer Aniston is working in InStyle. But Jenna needs a role that will move her up to the next level, without Channing. Will The Wedding Year, an upcoming rom-com starring Sarah Hyland and Anna Camp, do it?


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The summer of celebrity engagements continues – Ellie Goulding and her fiancé Caspar announced it in The Times. So no Instagram, “I said yes!” ring reveal then.


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Do you follow Tommy Lenk? He re-creates celebrity looks using materials commonly found around the house – and celebrities love being parodied by him, often reposting and liking his stuff. Last week Jennifer Lopez wore denim Versace boots that look, from the side, like pants that have fallen down around the knees. They are ridiculous. 


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I’m very into Succession (I only have a few episodes left) and I’ve been Googling family trusts and board seats (and the Murdoch family) non-stop. All of the characters are complete garbage humans, except for maybe Marcia and Cousin Greg/Craig. Marcia is inscrutable, so it’s hard to tell what she wants. Greg is just panicked and naïve and he’s dealing with the Roy siblings, who have a lifetime of shared experience in manipulation and deceit. How will he ever catch up?


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