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Yesterday I mentioned the Home Alone reboot. What if it’s just Kevin living in his parents' basement?

I love reading advice columns and this Ask Polly is an instant classic. The problem: a woman with a severe allergy to mushrooms needs advice on how to deal with her in-laws. These people refuse to stop serving mushrooms to her, even though it could literally kill her. They even went so far as to put mushroom powder in mashed potatoes! Who has ever heard of such a thing? (Jessica Seinfeld has nothing to do with the story, but this corn and mushroom recipe looks delicious. I would not serve it to someone with a corn or mushroom allergy.)


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“Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”


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The era of the celebrity SoulCycle selfie is over, for now. Who will fill the prestige fitness void?

Kevin Smith’s caption has me wondering something about Marvel movies because I’ve only seen a handful of them: do the characters have sex? Is sex implied? Like, does the Hulk f-ck? Does his penis grown in relation to his other body parts when he hulks out? These are important question and I’m expecting a detailed answer from Sarah within the hour.


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Someone on Twitter pointed out that Debra Messing and Megan Mullally unfollowed one another on Instagram. (Apologies to the original tweeter because I can’t find it now.) I did a quick search and they haven’t recently posted anything together but maybe they are colleagues and nothing more. Maybe they were never following each other, or unfollowed because they are no longer working together and it was a professional courtesy. Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes follow both women (and are followed back). So maybe it’s not that serious or important. Except… I saw this post from Debra and everyone is tagged, except for Megan. Hmmmmm.

Who gets final photo approval in this situation? Just two tough motherf-ckers literally flexing for the gram.


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The J-Sisters get their own photowall on tour. If they sold VIP tickets for a meet and greet with these three, it would be at least as popular as the actual Jonas Brothers. They need their own merch line, at minimum.


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