The Beygency controls all but it does not control Ms. Tina, who is throwing up photos from Club Renaissance.


One of the Hive accounts has a photo of Leo coming out of the party, without his girlfriend Camila Morrone or his Wolfpack, which might come down to a lack of plus ones. This is the thing: Leo is not giving up a chance to be in the presence of Beyoncé for his boys or his girlfriend. He gets the invite, obviously, but he’s not rolling in 20 deep like he would in Vegas or St. Tropez. Sorry Lukas Haas. 

KJ Apa (who is a brunette, which I will never get over!!!) poses with Euphoria Zaddy Eric Dane and is this a tease for the new season? Or just a thirst trap?


I love an unexpected “I didn’t know they were friends post” but Halle Berry and Dana White? That is VERY unexpected. It clearly came out of Halle’s work on Bruised because she trained and worked with UFC. And they’ve stayed close.

There’s all kinds of nonsense going on at HBO Max but Barry (the show) is safe. As for Barry (the character), only Bill Hader knows.


Do we really need to Gossip Genie Pete Davidson? He doesn’t need our help! It could be anyone from Angelina Jolie to Emily Ratajkowski. The fun thing about Pete Davidson (who, let’s be honest, is his generation’s Warren Beatty in terms of body count) is that he’s unpredictable. He’s always having a hot girl summer. He’ll be cuffing in the fall. He’ll have a boo for the holidays. We don’t need to worry about Pete. And one thing that I think continues to bolster his reputation in celebrity circles is not just the BDE but the discretion. You won’t catch him talking about intimate things. He’s not tacky.


A crying post? Oh sh-t, it’s war.