Riley Keough has suffered some really deep losses and now carries the weight of the family name and the grand legacy of Graceland and the Presley estate. And she’s navigated it all – including her own rising fame – pretty quietly. Her grandfather was a tabloid fixture when he lived and long after he died, as was her grandmother and mother. Fame is in the blood. Riley has never been a sensational headline and she could have easily gone for that kind of attention in her 20s and didn’t. At 34, she’s had to take over and seems prepared for it.


A summer cold means catching up on TV and my first order of business is And Just Like That…. So, I have thoughts. Number one, why are Carrie’s clothes so shiny? SJP looks good in everything but even she has a limit to how much shimmer she can handle. Number two: why does Charlotte dress like Lisa Vanderpump? Number three: when did these women become such KARENS. They are constantly berating service workers, receptionists, hostesses – basically anyone they view as beneath them. While that kind of behaviour is embarrassing, it’s not exactly out of character for who these women have become.


I mean really, no one can say sh-t to Lea Michele this week. There is no doubt that the way she took over Funny Girl was messy but the producers were right to do it. Big gamble that paid off. 

The Cut already used “chef’s kiss” for these photos of Jeremy Allen White so I have no pun. But since his divorce, Jeremy has been a rising pap target. These two are really going at it, like full on making out. Is it possible that he doesn’t mind if his business is out in the open right now? 


Taylor Swift is pretty generous with her meet and greets and of course her show is a huge celebrity draw. I’m always curious about who gets the backstage pass. Jessica Alba? Channing Tatum? Jenna Dewan? If Kevin Costner did make it backstage, I hope he didn’t call her show “neat.” (If you know, you know.)


Sophia Bush quietly dumped her divorce story over the weekend and scrubbed her Instagram of him. Apparently she and her ex were very good friends, then got together over COVID and the assumption is that things fell apart when the real world crept in. They were married for just over and a year and the wedding was a big to-do. Is this a case of COVID love not transferring to real life? Possibly. But the way she’s erased him from her Instagram and not posted a statement, along with the very quick timing (they both posted for their anniversary), it could be something a little stickier. He left his post up and she had even commented on it. 


Ciara with a very glamorous pregnancy reveal.