Madonna is turning 60 next week – what’s the plan? A huge blowout? Celebrity-filled, or more intimate? She is living in Lisbon right now, so will she fly everyone out to her, or will she go back to New York for it? My guess is a European location, maybe Italy. 


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The Beckhams are on vacation - their third this summer (after Croatia and LA, which might have been business and leisure). They have been spending tons of time together, which I take as a good sign. And they’ve been posting lots of stories on Instagram of the kids being adorable. We’re only 11 months away from their 20th anniversary.

Chrissy Teigen has learned how to use gifs and is now fighting in the comments about how “gif” is pronounced. Yes I know it stands for graphics interchange format. I still say “jiff.”


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Oprah strutting to Havana (ooh na-na) should be the next dance challenge. 

Leo continues to Leo this summer, but what’s interesting is in the past, his Wolf Pack would often post pictures from wherever they were, showing off the yacht and the cigars. This year, they’ve been super quiet. An order to stand down from the Alpha? Considering that DiCaprio skipped throwing a Gala this year (more on that here), I think it’s a concerted effort to lay low on everyone’s part. 


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In a podcast interview, Macaulay Culkin says he passed on The Big Bang Theory. I totally believe him. And I believe his description of the pitch: ‘Alright, these two astrophysicist nerds and a pretty girl lives with them. Yoinks!’ That “yoinks!” sums up the comedy ethos of The Big Bang Theory. But, and I haven’t listened to the podcast because of the host, I wonder if his brother Kieran came up. He is quickly becoming prestige TV’s most lovable scumbag on Succession and steals every single scene. Does Mac watch Succession?