The point of this photo, I think, is the filter. But it should have been her outfit. Which she’s not showing. Which is too bad because I’m obsessed with it. There’s a cape. And stars. And a Wonder Woman vibe. And only Gwen Stefani could have gotten away with it. And she did. I love everything.


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Oh come ON, Gabrielle Union. She looks like she’s still in high school! High school! 


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Yesterday it was Serena Williams finding the good light. Today it’s Zendaya. With a good product plug. But …also… I imagine that Zendaya in sh-tty light is probably not bad at all. 


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Oh thanks God. I think Mimi is finally ready for Christmas. Christmas might be saved after all. Of course we’re all waiting for that unveil, right? There are rumours that Mimi’s made some adjustments. And part of the Christmas delay is to give those adjustments more time. 


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 “I love free stuff.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.