The first And Just Like That trailer is out and people are seeing a whole lot of something that I’m not seeing. But this IP is always going to be about fan service (that’s why Carrie ended the series with Big) and that’s what casual watchers like me have to accept in terms of story. The lighting is really good though and I think the Big scenes are flashbacks. 


Kathy Griffin making the rounds on mainstream talk shows is a big deal because she was effectively blacklisted after the fake severed head photo (it really parallels her mentor Joan Rivers, who was blacklisted because Johnny Carson was a petty prick). As far as I know, photographer Tyler Shields’s career went on uninterrupted. 



PEOPLE’s top story this morning is about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. How many seasons are they stretching this breakup storyline for?

OK but where is the new season of Barry?!?!?!?!? I miss them so much.


The Red Notice cast keeps posting about numbers but there’s views and then there’s the cultural impact of this movie, which is nil. For such a highly viewed film, I don’t know anyone (besides Sarah) who has watched it and that was a professional obligation. No one is talking about it beyond how much it is being watched and what that means. So it’s like Avatar, but on Netflix. 

On the other hand, lots of people (like me) are talking about Selling Sunset, a show made up of CGI dolls in bandage dresses. And we haven’t even gotten to these two yet! That’s a whole other season. 


After a pretty public pandemic romance, Katie Holmes is back to her usual private self. But I’ve had a burst of Gossip Genie inspiration: Katie and Jake Gyllenhaal (if he and Jeanne Cadieu don’t work out). Come on, it would be great. There was some very bad intel years and years ago about them dating but it wasn’t true at the time. 

J. Smith Cameron was on WWHL and two clips are making the rounds: one is her responding to being a sex symbol (love how she knows it!) and the other is her comments on the season finale, which she calls “shocking” and “upsetting.” I have my prediction and I’m nervous just thinking about it.