Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband has been ordered to pay her back $2.6 million dollars for overstepping in his duties as her manager


Merry Christmas Kelly Clarkson!!!!


Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham gets so a lot of flack for being a dilettante but honestly, the low-effort influencer posts kind of make me chuckle. It’s like not even worth his time to do spon-con. He may as well lean into it. 


The London premiere of RENAISSANCE: A Film by Beyoncé, was, of course, a huge deal with major players like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively.  And this leads me to a theory I’ve been banging on about for a long time: Gwyneth and Beyoncé's friendship has cooled. There is no other way to explain why she is never at major events or parties, going all the way back to the twins’ baby shower. Blue used to have sleepovers with Apple and Beyoncé used to post photos from inside GP’s house when the Carters didn’t have their own LA home. It’s been years since they have acknowledged each other. BUT a twist – Jay-Z is number 5 on GP’s Spotify list. If she was on the outs with the Carters, would she want to listen to Jay-Z that much? Hmmmmm.


This Is Me… Now is obviously going to be an incredibly cinematic tale of love and loss and love again. I’m dying at this and you know what it reminds me of? A Meatloaf video. This is not a knock on JLo or Meatloaf because he had some super dramatic music videos that would now be considered short films (“I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” is 7 minutes and 40 seconds long). Costumes, masks, pianos, thunder – it was a spectacle. Meatloaf was giving it his all!  JLo is definitely giving this her all. 


Christmas at Graceland is a “first-of-its-kind holiday special” with Riley Keough managing the estate. If the goal is to introduce his musical legacy to a younger generation without alienating his older fans, this is the perfect mix. It’s homey but not overly posh or too hip. This is something a mutli-generation family can put on over the holidays and not fight about.