She might not know JLo, but she definitely knows Santa Claus. Personally. (And she’s a Golden Globe nominee today.) 


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I love celebrity trivia, like finding out who used to be roommates in college or who shared a nanny. Macy Grey and Judd Apatow went to film school together, which is a piece of inconsequential information I will now store forever.


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Taraji P Henson’s new puppy! Do you think she’s crate training or using pee pads? Puppies are kind of stressful. 


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Snakeskin, plaid, lace, velvet – I appreciate the spirit of the intended outfit, but I’m not sure about the execution. I think it’s the lace that is throwing me off. 


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I love KFC, but I only allow myself to eat it once a year – the night before New Year’s Eve. (I force my friends to have it with me.) And I will only eat in the US; Canadian KFC (at least in the city I live in) doesn’t sell biscuits. Injustice!


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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise introduced Taylor Swift at Jingle Ball. And it made me wonder if Suri is attracted to the life her parents lead, because children of famous people tend to either love the spotlight or completely shy away from it. If she does love it, how does Katie balance that while also shielding Suri from questions about her father? Because that curiosity will always be there, even 20 years from now. If anyone should have to answer for their relationship (or lack of it), it’s Tom. And as if he would allow those kinds of questions.


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Hiking in Ireland” is the new “I was asleep when my publicist called.”

“The secret to our long happy marriage” –have they been married two years or three?


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What day of the Hollywood Predator Advent Calendar are we on? I forget.  Mario Batali might not have many chef friends right now, but I’m curious to see if his celebrity friends (like Gwyneth, one of his biggest supporters) step up or away. 

This went up after I filed on Friday, but since we spent days talking about Lena Dunham, I don’t think the statement from Aurora’s father should die out after a weekend. Oh and remember the initial assertion that Aurora Perrineau asked for “substantial monetary damages”? That never happened. But the Girls’ writer sure managed to get that false story out fast.