John Stamos is going to be a dad. And I don’t know why but I thought of George Clooney. Probably because there are a few similarities – bachelor reputation, second marriages, later-in-life babies. And the hair. Both George and John have really solid hair. John is the TV sitcom Sliding Doors version of George Clooney. 


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I took this GQ poll, here are my picks: Aziz Ansari, Tom Ford, Dave Franco, Armie Hammer, John Legend, tie (how can I choose between Jeff Goldblum and John Cho? Impossible!), Riz Ahmed, Keanu Reeves.

I’ve talked about Hilary Swank’s clothing line, Mission Statement, and I keep up with it a bit on Instagram, mostly because I wonder if it’s in the black. This is a peplum puffer. Not my style at all (I hate a peplum cut) but beyond that, it’s close to $900US. Pieces are made in Italy from top-notch fabric (so the price can be justified) and technical wear is a huge market, but has the brand been able to convert luxury buyers with a peplum puffer, $195 tights and $400 cashmere tank tops?


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Is Tracy Anderson trying to convert Beyonce? Or has she already?

I think everyone is waiting on this holiday engagement. Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Or is that a little too on the nose? 


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Did the barista think she was Kathryn Hahn? Because writing “Bad Mom” on a cup is a very bold move to make if you aren’t 100% sure. 


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Selena liked this photo. They are good, for now. I think.


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There’s a reputation pop-up shop in LA. Didn’t Kanye do this for The Life of Pablo? 


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Starboy is allergic to kangaroos. 


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