Miss this awful bunch of people. It’s unfortunate that the overwhelming content churn makes shows like this disappear so quickly because it really was a standout of 2021. It wasn’t underrated by any means, just forgotten about very quickly.

Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Aaron Sorkin should have cooled it with the public statements about Jeremy Strong because after last night’s episode, the New Yorker profile makes a lot of sense. 

The first Sing movie slapped and I’m looking forward to watching the sequel in theatres “for my kids.” 

I quite enjoy the Biebers’ street style because they dress for their age. He looks like a “creative director” who invests in NFTs and she looks like a podcaster who goes to the same pilates instructor as the Olsen twins and honestly I’m happy for them. 

Armie Hammer is reportedly out of rehab and it’s absolutely incredible that no one has, at minimum, deleted his old social media posts. Obviously that wouldn’t make the posts disappear forever (there are web archives and screenshots) but it seems like a very basic first step. 

Charlie Hunnam is a famous hot man but not quite a movie star and between projects he completely disappears. His fan sites keep up with him but he is an interesting case study for a career that may be affected by intense privacy. And maybe a touch less Guy Ritchie. 

How many drafts of this did Chris Pratt workshop and who got to read it before he posted it? You know he wasn’t looking for the same kind of reaction as the last time he posted about her. 

Drew Barrymore recently revealed she’s been sober for two-and-a-half years, which reminded me that she had a wine label (wasn’t sure it still exists). Barrymore Wines Instagram account is deleted and she hasn’t posted about it in many years. She’s creates a lot of products over the years, like a print magazine. When you are building lifestyle, ideas come and go and it’s actually a good thing to not get too attached to one particular thing that can eat up budget and time. 

Lainey’s been tracking Grinch green outfits and I think Mindy Kaling’s sweater counts. Not overly “ugly holiday sweater” but bright and fun.