Will Smith has joined Instagram with some help from Ellen. You know what I’m curious about? How did he get “willsmith” as his username. Was his team holding it for all these years? Or does Instagram have a policy where celebs get first rights to their name? 


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Hey guess who welcomed Will Smith to Instagram with a ME ME ME post. 

Jada Pinkett-Smith elaborated on her thoughts on Tiffany Haddish and the Golden Globes. I went back and watched her video from the #oscarssowhite boycott.  It all ties in.

There is no such thing as a good video from a holiday concert. They are always grainy and a little shaky and the singing sounds terrible (I should know, I had my sons’ school concert last night). And everyone is filming, zooming in on their own child. (But at this concert, do you think any of the parents were sneaking shots of Jennifer?)


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“I hope he chokes on his om pendant.” 


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Diddy is the newest subject of Vogue’s 73 Questions. Ciroc, Fonzworth Bentley, playlists and outrageous party props – and he’s bringing back the White Party. When asked who is number one on the invitation list, he answered… oh I won’t spoil it to you. But I chuckled.


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Pepperony is 10. And Gwyneth has another great sweater. (I’m looking for a grey sweater – soft but not a turtleneck. It consumes me.) Speaking of G, goop has just posted its guide to Vancouver. It’s well-researched but very basic. And the restaurant choices are definitely lacking –  Asian options barely get a pass. Not one dim sum place on the list. Maybe because they served the siu mai without lime. (This is going to piss Lainey off all over again, as it should.)


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