Remember in the early 2000s when it seemed like every celebrity wanted to be a restauranteur? That has evolved into every celebrity wanting to be a home chef. Hailey Bieber already has an established YouTube channel for tutorials and has been making cooking videos (like mac and cheese with Kendall Jenner) for over a year. 


Any celebrity who can make toast wants to show off their skill set and the question is – why? Is it that they are amazed with themselves? Do they think regular people don’t have access to recipes? It’s not like they are trained chefs (with foundational skills) or recipe bloggers (who test and publish recipes that are easy to follow). Most celebrity food influencers kind of mumble and fumble their way through and then show us what they like to eat. 



This Darren Criss posted confused me because “how it started” is supposed to come first. And I don’t see much difference between the two photos? I guess the point is he is jacked now. But he always looked fit!

I haven’t read their Actors on Actors interview but they both look really hot. 


JLo is trending on TikTok as a rude celebrity for allegedly snatching back Ben’s tips from service workers in Las Vegas (this was during Bennifer 1.0). I do have questions, like why would she personally go snatch back tips (WTF!!!) and not ask someone else to do it? If she is so “don’t look me in the eye” as people say, then why is she personally walking up to the door to answer for room service? And why wouldn’t she have the same driver/security all the time? She definitely travels with an entourage and if she was concerned about privacy, would not have new people around her all the time. There are a few of the videos, including people who work in casinos (which Ben used to frequent), so there’s a lot of smoke. 


Demi Lovato has been wearing their hair short but that hasn’t limited the looks – bob, slicked back and what I would call a pixie shag. All really solid, particularly with the outfit styling choices.


OK we MUST watch MILF Manor together. As everyone in the comments has pointed out, the twist has to be that it’s their sons, right? Or stepsons? It’s sick and we are watching.