Over the years Gisele has been clear about what she eats and what she doesn’t eat and this nibble of cheese bread doesn’t look convincing. It looks tasty though. 


Is this Instagram official on her end? I think it might be but to be honest, I follow their red carpet appearances more than their online interactions. 

The true supermodels just hit different. And they know it!


I want to talk about something important: corduroy. I bought a pair of black cords and have been wearing them everywhere, it’s like a mix between jeans and sweatpants. Alicia Keys paired hers with a tucked in leather (or pleather) bodysuit. The pants are really bold, with the zipper and high waist and cargo pockets (I call these details flair – lots and lots of flair here). 


Lady Gaga continues to campaign for an Oscar and I appreciate how extra she gets, talking about her “extreme” process, having a psychiatric nurse on set and being scared Patrizia was going to show up on set. Jeremy Strong is taking notes.

For those of us knee-deep in Elf on the Shelf, any idea helps. It’s a struggle every night but there’s no way I’m introducing a baby elf, that’s just more work. 


An update to the Jeff Garlin/ The Goldbergs story: Deadline is reporting he has “exited” the series with one day left of shooting on his schedule. Anonymous sources told Deadline he was “extremely verbally and emotionally abusive.” It also notes his liberal use of the words vagina, balls and (this is not my word of choice), brassiere. I got really stuck on this part because why not use “bra”?! Brassiere, as a word, really sticks out. As for Garlin, his other big gig is Curb Your Enthusiasm and there’s no way this will affect his job there. Might turn into storyline though.