The first trailer for Justin Timberlake’s new movie Palmer has dropped and goodness gracious this looks bad, even for a Justin Timberlake movie. PEOPLE also posted the trailer… with no mention of the hand-holding photos that came out during filming. Checked the comments under his post and didn’t see any mentions there either. That slid right on by. 


I have three haircuts I’m going to talk about today: first up is Britney, who chopped quite a bit off. I love it. Very fresh. 

Second is Gigi Hadid. Lainey wrote about her very long luscious hair just yesterday and then Gigi posted that she got it cut. Post-partum hair is different for everyone. Sometimes hair falls out, sometimes it’s super thick, sometimes it grows fast, sometimes there are baby hairs that get all fuzzy. Hormones are wild. 


Next up is Chrissy Teigen. It’s a great cut on her done by Tracey Cunningham. This is where my nosiness comes in because Chrissy is very good friends with Jen Atkin, a highly sought-after and influential hair stylist. She has posted about Jen cutting her hair in the past. Why didn’t Jen cut it this time? I’m not implying they aren’t friends (Chrissy liked one of Jen’s posts a week ago), I’m just saying for a major change like this, wouldn’t you hire a good friend who is at the very top of her profession? This is so curious to me. 

Did Shakespeare really write King Lear during quarantine? Don’t know and don’t care. What I do know is that quarantine has given us a season of Real Housewives of Potomac for the ages. Don’t believe me? Fine. But do you believe Rihanna? Because she believes in them. 


Johnny Depp is trending on Twitter so I’m going to throw it back a bit to Lainey’s piece on The Hollywood Reporter story.  Yes he has a very dedicated and vocal fandom but there’s clearly some bot work going on – you can tell by the quality of tweets. Pretty janky. 

Someone has besmirched the image of Mimi during this, her holiest of seasons. The good intention is there, which is why she is being so magnanimous about it. 


Sir Ian McKellen has received his COVID-19 vaccine and is pretty chuffed about it. I will be too, when it’s my turn. I can’t wait to get it (even though it’s not a silver bullet and we will still have to wear masks and take precautions) but there are many, many people ahead of me who need it more. I like that he wore a scarf for the occasion.