As Sarah wrote yesterday, Adam Sandler still has a chance at a nomination for Uncut Gems, even if it’s a slim chance (read her take here). Here is a photo of Adam Sandler at a screening, in a Disney World fleece. This is the kind of jacket buy in desperation at a gift shop – the weather changed, it’s cooler than you anticipated and you urgently need something. You pick it up and know it’s ugly and you will never wear it again and it’s like $80 but you are cold! And still have four hours to go in this hellish landscape, so you buy it. Is that what happened to Adam Sandler? Maybe. Or he might genuinely like it. He must be the easiest person to buy a present for. I’d get him a Universal Studios golf shirt for his birthday.

Between the holidays and the political news, if someone were going to drop a divorce announcement, just after Christmas would be a perfect time. If that were to happen.


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Will & Grace has wrapped. Sean Hayes is the only one who posted a cast photo. Debra Messing posted a solo picture (but had stories with Sean and Eric McCormack – no Megan Mullally). Megan hasn’t posted about the finale and neither has Eric. They are ending on a salty note.


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Chrishell Stause (formerly Hartley) officially changed her Instagram name this week. That’s like signing digital divorce papers.


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I will never see Cats. Never, ever, not even if it was on TV on a Sunday afternoon. But I have been reading the reviews (many of which have the reviewer wishing for an escape from their own body).

Taylor doesn’t get bad reviews and she loves to post her good ones. This is an ensemble cast and the criticism isn’t directed squarely at her performance, so where does she go with this? 


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You know what I missed this year? Titanic turned 22. (Leo’s girlfriend Camila Morrone turned 22 as well.) 


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This tweet has been showing up in my feed over and over, not because people love the scene, but because following a script is standard. Most actors follow a script word-for-word because improv is incredibly hard and not something that just happens. Watching this in the context of the movie, it didn’t feel improvised at all. Quite the opposite – it felt like a scene from a well-rehearsed play. Maybe that’s why I agree with The Cut’s Hannah Gold.