I’ve been wanting to include Jesse Tyler Ferguson because did you see his cameo on Selling Sunset? It was very quick and he didn’t speak. Maybe Christine sold him his house? Whatever the situation, this is why celebrities shouldn’t name search on Twitter.  


Anytime I see anything to do with CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) I think of Warren Beatty and then Cousin Greg’s love of cajun chicken linguine (which I would absolutely order). I might need to make it for dinner using this Damn Delicious recipe. CPK doesn’t even pay for this publicity! 

Every time a stand-up comic complains that they aren’t “allowed” to be funny anymore because everyone is too sensitive, they should be forced to watch a season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in which they might see “the gang” make jokes about blackface, stalking, incest, faking cancer and things I don’t even want to write down. Yet this show isn’t trending every week and doesn’t spark outrage; this 2019 essay by Scaachi Koul is a great exploration of how it survives “cancel culture.” 


This cardigan-shirt looks great on January Jones and I think the asymmetrical buttons are what elevate it. If the buttons were straight down, the fit wouldn’t be right. If she wore it unbuttoned, it would be too ordinary. She paired it with ribbed bike shorts, a great look for a party. It’s really no different in terms of wearing a short dress or skirt in the winter – that’s what long coats are for. January is also very devoted to skin care and posted her favourite products, a few of which overlap with my favourites. Biologique Recherche smells like feet, is expensive, and is hard to find, yet the hold it has on me is ridiculous! I get nervous when I’m at half a bottle and reorder just in case. 

Lainey has been keeping up with the Jonases in What Else because Priyanka removed Jonas from her Instagram handle and has been open about being long distance for a lot of the year. Lainey expected anniversary coverage and she was right – it’s a personalized romantic dinner. This couple loves big gestures, so it makes sense. 


Selena Gomez playing Martin Short’s and Steve Martin’s exasperated work daughter is a bit I’m very into. 


Day one -back with these dads

♬ original sound - Selena Gomez

Lauren and Aaron Paul’s pregnancy announcement is relatively low-key. Aaron’s been a lot more quiet this year, which isn’t to say he’s not working (he does, quite steadily) but it hasn’t been at the same level of attention as Breaking Bad. The benefit and curse of having a hit early in your career is that it makes you famous, but that level of critical and audience popularity is so hard to measure up to again. 


We need more on this friendship.