TMZ is reporting that Andy Cohen is recovering from his second round of Covid (he is fully vaccinated). He’s out of quarantine just in time to prep for his CNN New Year’s Eve shoot. But about his Instagram: what to do with the Chris Noth shot? Delete it (like Peleton did), which could bring more attention it, or leave it because it’s from December 11 and everyone who follows has seen it anyway.


Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid have been pretty quiet on Instagram since November 1— a breakup or a break? On one hand, it’s only been a month and a half but on the other hand, they were inseparable for a while and in young love, a month is a long time. 


Is it even a Santa photo without one terrified child trying to escape?

One of the stars of Riverdale got married over the weekend and I can’t be the only who is stumped about this show. Who is watching season 6? How old are they supposed to be now?


It’s more Grinch green, the unironic colour of the season. As Lainey pointed out, we’ve seen it a lot over the last month and this time it’s Rihanna in a fuzzy lingerie lounge set. She seems to have had a happy and productive 2021 with her multiple businesses, even if that means no new music for us. Maybe 2022.  Big maybe. 


This is awkward because why would you have a fictional character do an appearance with real musicians? And, um, does the Jingle Bell audience have a lot of crossover with the Girls5eva audience? It didn’t land at all but kudos to all involved for being a good sport. This is like when Drew Barrymore interviews her guests in character as Josie Grossie. Her show is kooky as is but that takes it to some strange places.