How many cutting boards do you have? I have 3, but I feel like I need more. Kate Hudson doesn’t have that problem. To promote her new partnership with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers), she did a standard interview and photo shoot with PEOPLE Magazine. In one of the photos, there were several cutting boards in the background at her home. The Cut counted 18 of them. Obviously we can debate whether or not these are strictly cutting boards or if they are charcuterie and/or pizza boards meant to serve, rather than prepare, food. Whatever is going on, she now has 19. 


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Zayn’s new album Icarus Falls is getting very mixed reviews (Vulture called it “dull” and NME said, “‘Icarus Falls’ is the pop star cementing himself in the echelon of stardom”). 


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Usually, parents are impossible to buy for at Christmas. They never want or need anything. Do you think Melanie Griffith’s children bought her Marilyn Monroe’s Golden Globe? Or did she buy it for herself? It’s a very creative gift.


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A reader (hi Rachel!) wrote me an email about Aaron Paul’s inactivity on Instagram (one thing that really stuck out is he missed his wife’s birthday earlier this month). I had noticed, but was waiting to see what it meant, if anything. This week, he posted on Twitter that he is taking a break from all of his social media (his Twitter account has been wiped). Many people take social media breaks for the obvious reasons (it’s can be a pit of toxicity) but I wonder what prompted him to post about it. Is this his team reacting to a publication reaching out to them for comment? Did someone on his team notice his fans asking why he’s been so quiet? And what happens when he has to promote his next project?

Emily Nussbaum, the TV critic at The New Yorker, has written a couple of very thought-provoking pieces on product integration on our favourite shows  But this – naming a character after a car – is next level. WWDT (what would Duana think)?

One thing I respect most about Tracee Ellis Ross’ career strategy is how she embraces fashion as a tool, making it a priority on and off the red carpet. She will certainly be on a lot of best dressed lists this year (like Vogue’s), but taking it one step further, she catalogued her own looks in two parts (first, the ones her stylist Karla Welch put together and second, the ones she styled herself). 


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