OK why did The Hollywood Reporter shade Meghan and Harry so hard? The write up is so salty! THR is owned by Penske Media, which also owns Variety. Variety has been very cozy with the Sussexes so is this a bit of inter-corporation rivalry between the two publications? 


And on the heels of that, a Harry and Meghan story about an upcoming year of redemption. Now this requires some gossip critical thinking because who would be doing the redeeming? The British tabloids will never view them favourably and the US media gives them very positive coverage (except for The Hollywood Reporter LOL). Who would be making a comeback? Harry isn’t Hollywood, at all. And they still have their Netflix deal don’t they.


Andy Cohen’s son Ben has been munching on the gingerbread house in the morning and I’m with Andy: I don’t think those things are edible. Maybe it is technically edible but it should not be eaten. You know who else would eat a gingerbread house, given the chance? A naughty dog. One year we were decorating gingerbread houses and left one on the coffee table and the host’s Golden Retriever ate the entire thing in like two minutes. She was very pleased with herself. Not a crumb left. (Click here for the Reel)


Kelly Clarkson is indeed That Bitch!


A Barbie spokesperson confirmed that Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach got married at city hall. How long is the Barbie PR person on retainer for Greta? Through awards season? The PEOPLE story dances around how they met and links to a timeline but it’s OK, we don’t need the timeline. We watched it, it’s called Marriage Story.