The girl-bossification of cryptocurrency and NFTs is going to be the dumbest trend of 2022, so I’m just sending out a warning now. Gwyneth Paltrow has already dabbled promoting fillers (or “clean Botox” as she likes to call it LOL) and now it’s this. Is she buying a new vacation property? Is she scrimping together an Ivy League tuition for Apple? How much did they pay her for this? She dug really deep here, mentioning Planet of the Apps, a show that was supposed to launch Apple TV (the first time). 


Reese Witherspoon (who promoted NFTs on Twitter) is all about her business and so I’m very curious if she asked Scarlett Johansson about the Disney lawsuit. It wouldn’t be out of turn as it was public knowledge and Reese closes complex deals all the time. Plus, I get the sense that she’s someone you can talk to about money and contracts. She knows her sh-t. 


Like Lainey, I want to see No Way Home but I’m not going to the theatre right now. Judging by the box office numbers, we are not a fanbase Marvel/Disney needs to cater to with a streaming option. But how long will they have us wait?


Kelly Clarkson has had a hell of a year as her career continues to thrive and her divorce continues to drag on. She won sole ownership of a contested Montana ranch where her ex is living out his Yellowstone dreams but now he won’t move out, citing the ongoing divorce proceedings. My guess (and it’s just a guess) is that he is holding off on moving for a fatter payout. Every month he holds out at the ranch, he costs her hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


This morning Sarah wrote about Alexander Skarsgard’s career, which of course brings me to Succession. He will definitely have a part in season four, right? But there have been players who’ve had big implications for the Roy family (like Lawrence from Vaulter, Rhea Jarrell and the Pierces, the oligarch Roman bought a soccer team with) and then they disappear.