Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are really leaning into their messy behaviour, creating a whole second act around it. They had an affair, we get it! They traded journalism for journaling their feelings via this podcast. The recap for the latest episode include them talking about how their kids are handling it, particularly Amy’s because you know what people in their late teens/earl 20s love? When their famous mom talks about their family dynamic with her affair partner on a podcast. (Click to see Reel)


This isn’t a pregnancy announcement (to be honest I had to Google if she had already announced) but an observation: is it me or has there been an uptick in maternity-centric magazine spreads? It’s feeling very early 2000s again. It’s very “motherhood is magical” and none of Asian pear mesh underwear (shout out to Ali Wong). 


Mariah Carey revealed she doesn’t drive and this is a shock to people? Mariah will barely walk, what makes you think she would drive?! Putting her foot on a dirty gas pedal. No darling, she rebukes it. 


As Lainey wrote, Cardi B is being taunted by her ex and they will have a concert-off on New Year’s Eve. There’s also been some issues with Nicki Minaj and Cardi responded. Cardi has been very upfront that this is a stressful time and to leave her alone. She never starts it but when someone comes for her she will defend herself. 

Guy Fieri has inheritance stipulations for his kids but he’s not fully going Logan Roy.


Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern wore matching outfits to a holiday party. Even though the brand is not tagged, this is some great free sponcon for Old Navy. (And of course, Laura and Reese totally did this on purpose which I like. It’s festive. I think it beats itchy ugly sweaters that only get pulled out once a year.)

“How rich were Kevin’s parents” is a common social media discussion around Home Alone. Multiple children, beautiful home, Christmas time trip to Paris – it adds up . The New York Times is ready put the debate to rest and actually crunched the numbers so millennial meme accounts can stop obsessing over it.


I debated on posting about Demi Lovato because of the gross and stalkerish behaviour she is facing, but then I also wonder if not acknowledging it is doing Demi a disservice. People should know that this is not gossip, it is Demi being harassed. Her ex says the accounts are fake and he has nothing to do with it, so let’s see if the harassment stops.