Maria’s on holiday until after the New Year so I’m taking over Smutty Social Media. Sorry in advance. 

An update on Jenny Slate and Chris Evans – they broke up in 2017, they got back together in 2017, and they’re still together at the end of 2017. Looks like Jenny spent Christmas with Chris’s family. This is his brother: 


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Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband Will Kopelman are consciously uncoupled and co-parenting. More importantly… is that a chocolate covered corndog? I f-cking LOVE a corndog. I had the best corndog of my life this year at the Calgary Stampede. A chocolate corndog, to me, sounds hideous. 


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This is… really, really embarrassing, right? Like, Scott Eastwood levels of embarrassing. 


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Oh look. It’s a Timberlake Christmas ego stroke. He’s a better singer than you and he’s a better everything than you, including a better Santa than you, because he doesn’t waste the cookies. Even at Christmas he has to remind you that he’s the ME ME ME priority.

Chrissy Teigen tried to fly to Tokyo. And apparently a passenger got on the wrong plane – and was allowed to board the wrong plane (!!!) – and the plane had to turn back around. This was, understandably, the worst for everyone on that plane. But since Chrissy Teigen was on board, it became entertainment for everyone else. Here are the first few tweets. Check her feed (and it’s the best) for the rest.

Kate Hudson really, really wants us to think she can sing. She sings a lot on social media. This time she’s singing with close family friend David Foster. Also, flip to the next. WTF is Jennifer Meyer wearing?


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