Maria’s on holiday for the next couple of weeks so you’re stuck with me for Celebrity Social Media – which means get ready for a lot of BTS content. But we’ll start with Bennifer.  


There was no Bennifer update for Christmas weekend. No pap shots, nothing on social media, although she did post a video of her with her kids and cousins making a Christmas waffle. It looks like a great waffle – that was shared between several people. See, I would need at least half of that waffle to myself. Note also, though, that this is about as unfiltered as you’ll get with JLo: no makeup and hair totally undone. Will Bennifer be this quiet for NYE weekend?  


It was a good Christmas for Beckham fans – the whole family was together and shared a family portrait by the tree. People in the comments were making fun of David for seemingly standing on tiptoes next to tall Romeo. Victoria, meanwhile, is not like Mariah Carey in that she does do green for Christmas and she’s in one of her own dresses here, naturally. But also, did you see that video she posted of her shading David’s singing voice and him shading her back? This is the kind of moment that tells me they’re solid.  


Confession: I could not make it through Don’t Look Up. I get the point that was being made, I just wasn’t into the obviousness of it and the performances weren’t doing it for me either. So, spoiler alert, when we got to the part where they stopped the rocket launch so that they could harvest resources from the comet, we just decided to skip 45 mins and forward to about 15 minutes before the end. Which means that I missed most of the Timothée parts. Which, I guess, I now have to go back and watch?  

And I agree about Cate in this dress, although I think I skipped this part, too. Her hair and makeup were AMAZING though. Like, tacky amazing.  


As we countdown all the highlights of this miserable year, let’s appreciate that Bowen Yang only made things better. May there be much more Bowen in 2022.  

You know who had a great year in entertainment? Korea. Squid Game and BTS dominated all the way – and then gave us a collaboration, sort of. Note, this isn’t the first connection V has had with Squid Game. During one of the BTS’s four LA concerts, he stepped on stage at one point in the red jumpsuit. Now that Squid Game is getting a sequel, I wonder if the jumpsuit people will be like Star Wars stormtroopers with celebrity cameos.