The Office doesn’t need to be rebooted, does it? It ended in 2013. Give it a minute. But I would definitely welcome a Christmas special. It would be a great homage to the UK series.


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Miley Cyrus is currently promoting "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" (which is showing up on social media as #NBLAH – not very catchy). Obviously, everyone is talking about “thank u, next” because the combination of Ariana and nostalgia is unstoppable. There’s room for more than one hot single and more than one hot video at a time, but in terms of roll-out, is Miley making enough noise?


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You can’t scroll Instagram today without being inundated with images from the Victoria’s Secret show. This piece from 2015 details the workout and diet restrictions the models go through – giving up solid foods leading up to the show, working out twice a day, salt depletion, and avoiding water (apparently, dehydration is an issue backstage). But it starts before the models are cast: their social media is monitored to see whether or not they are sufficiently focused on their bodies, as the company continues to try to rebrand the body type as “athletic”.


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Tory Burch was married in Antigua over the weekend and my problematic fave Wendi Deng was there, as was Jessica Seinfeld and Cade Hudson (who is very good friends with Britney Spears and a powerhouse at CAA –check out his birthday party last year). I’m going to bypass Wendi and Jessica to talk about Cade for a minute because there’s been sexual harassment allegations made against him at his time before CAA, one specifically involved a sexual favour in exchange for meeting Amanda Seyfried. The story came out in December of 2017 and it went nowhere. It’s not even a footnote.


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The sh-tty thing about the Kesha/Lady Gaga/Katy Perry text exchange being released is that it moves the focus from Dr. Luke onto them. But what’s often overlooked is how much emotional labour, and how much risk is involved, when these women support one another. 


Joan Collins is doing a fashionable countdown to Christmas. This is what she wears to the movies! Does she take up a seat for her hat, or leave it on? I hope she leaves it on and then spreads her coat over several chairs so no one sits near her.


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