Even if you haven’t seen an episode of The Mandalorian (which I haven’t), Baby Yoda is now part of our shared pop culture language. The memes are everywhere, but so far, this one is my favourite. It just looks so natural.


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Jennifer Lopez has been making a lot of appearances for Hustlers, which means a lot of outfits carefully selected to fit the event. Her team has been doing a great job of making each look distinct, but there’s a lot of work left to go – particularly if she makes it to the main event. What does JLo, the Oscar nominee, look like? Couture Versace? That would be my guess – Versace dresses are good juju for her.


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Katy Perry has released a Christmas single because everyone wants an "All I Want for Christmas is You". That’s a royalty generator. But I have a question about this clip from the video. I’m trying to say this delicately but, um, is Santa getting… a happy ending? 


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Madonna often posts photos of her younger children, but her older children (Lola, Rocco and David) are probably a little old to be posing on mom’s Instagram.

Flip to the second photo to see a rare shot of Lourdes, who is 23 now. She occasionally pops up in British tabloids if they get some pap shots or will show up at Fashion Week, but she keeps it pretty low key. Did growing up around fame sour her on it, or is she simply waiting a few years before she takes her place in the spotlight? 


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Ariana Grande is Spotify’s top-streaming female artist of the decade, and is the only woman to make the top 5 most streamed artists of the decade list. Billboard used to be the authority on numbers: Hot 100 is radio play (which now incorporates streaming) and they have different charts for sales. But now there’s Spotify and Apple Music and iHeart Radio and SoundCloud, there’s so many different ways to access music, the numbers seem to meld together. Does Billboard still matter?


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A certain corner of social media is mad that Billie Eilish doesn’t know who Van Halen is. Why would she know that? She’s 17 and cool. Let her live.


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