If you were one of the people who wanted a Chanel advent calendar but didn’t manage to get one (it was $825US and sold out very quickly), I’m here to ease your FOMO. Popular TikToker Elise Harmon started opening her package and didn’t stop, she’s gone through nearly all of the boxes. It’s stickers, lots and lots of stickers and a few mini red lipsticks. She hasn’t said anything negative but Chanel is pressed enough that they blocked her on Instagram and deleted their own TikTok account, turning this into the funniest story of the day. 


As powerful and brilliant as Shonda Rhimes is, we have the same problem right now: an elf is f-cking with our bedtime routine. I can’t do another 20+ nights of this, I won’t make it! Who has time to wrap their kitchen?! And then unwrap it the next night and start over again? This is parental abuse. 


Gemma Chan celebrated a birthday with a snowman and friends. Dominic Cooper was there, still together and going strong.  

Lainey wrote about Adele this morning, but I just want to add that I’m on the list for the ticket draw for her concerts in Vegas, so praying to Beyoncé my name gets called. 


Every time Billie Eilish changes her physical appearance, there’s “shocked fans” headlines. No one is shocked by a 19-year-old frequently changing her appearance! What kind of square would be shocked by brown hair. 

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a staple at Art Basel in Miami for years. It’s his winter Coachella. He was at an event for Sean Penn’s CORE charity and he left in a black SUV with a bunch of women and his friends. Last I checked, Leo was still with Camila Morrone (she attended the LACMA gala, another event he is at every year). Leaving a club with other women doesn’t necessarily mean he cheated but it doesn’t look super great. My question is why did he have the window rolled down, allowing paps to get the shot? One reason could be that it’s totally innocent and these are friends, so he has nothing to hide. Or, it’s not a big deal because he’s single (or some version of an open relationship). The other option is he didn’t know he was being photographed (this seems unlikely). And more to this outing: Sean Penn and his wife Leila George (who has filed for divorce) also left the party together. 


Cousin Greg: certified hottie.