Twitter can be a terrifying place, we’ve known this for years. But one of the highlights on Twitter in 2021 was Dionne Warwick. It was just over a year ago when she tweeted this at Chance The Rapper: 


And from there it’s been platinum hit after platinum hit. Including this one: 

Most of the time, her tweets are lighthearted, exactly the kind of pure delight we need more of on Twitter. But don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. Ms Warwick has a line. And when you cross it, you will hear it: 

Since then, all kinds of brands have been trying to be friends with Ms Warwick. In October she asked Oreo a very good question: 

We now have an update, this just in, Oreo has responded. This checks so many boxes for me because, if you’ve been reading this site long enough, Oreos are my thing. They don’t even pay me but I’m out here talking about Oreos at least once a week, if not more. I just crushed a bag of Oreo minis for breakfast, my second bag of the week. And yes, they were original flavour. 


From dessert back to dinner, Jennifer Garner’s making beef stew from an Ina Garten recipe and it went up in flames. You know what I like about this video? It made me feel better to see that she doesn’t have a chopping technique, that she doesn’t cut her vegetables super quick and organised – and neither do I. I’m too afraid, I go slow, I don’t want an accident. Which is why whenever it was “x minutes prep time” on a recipe, my time is always double or triple. 

Let’s stay with the food theme for as long as we can. Courteney Cox is sharing an artichoke dip recipe. It looks pretty good, I might try it. 

Have you seen the Ohio State University Marching Band’s Top Gun performance from last month? It’s amazing – the video is here and I know it’s nine minutes but it goes by fast because you’ll be in awe the whole time. My mind exploded when they turned into a fighter jet with the exhaust coming out the end. 


Anyway, it got Tom Cruise’s attention, and here’s how he – and the studio marketing department – thanked the students. My question is… how many of these students had actually seen the original movie before their coaches recommended it. I didn’t know that Top Gun is TikTok content. 

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are on holiday. He takes excellent bikini shots of her. I wonder how many tries they go through? I wonder if they fight about it. Because that’s what happens when I’m taking bikini thirst shots on a beach with my husband. Why does this man always insist that he knows the better angle and then when I get the phone back, the photo is more of the scenery than of ME and I’m either at an awkward angle or looking extra short-legged, and then we do the whole thing again and again until, finally, he just takes it the way I want it and, naturally, that’s the one I keep. You think Gab has this problem? 

I mentioned yesterday that it was V’s birthday in Korea and it’s still his birthday here, December 30, so we’ll extend the celebration. Lizzo who is a well-known ARMY sent her well-wishes: 


And his bandmates continued to lovingly troll him. This is Jin’s #HappyVDay post: 

In response to the all the affection, V shared his birthday meal. I want to shove my face in all that pork: 

That concludes our Celebrity Social Media posts for 2021. I’ll be back to kick it off in 2022 next Tuesday as Maria will still be on holiday. And, yes, of course, the BTS content will continue in this space.